Does a Foreigner Need a Real ID If He Or She Has a Passport Card?

Does a Foreigner Need a Real ID If He Or She Has a Passport Card?

Do foreigners require identification if they possess a passport card?

Yes. A passport card is an invaluable travel document as it serves as identification when traveling on domestic air travel and proof of citizenship when visiting Canada, Mexico and other countries.

To qualify for a REAL ID, you must present documents showing your date of birth and full name as well as proof of residency within the US.

If you don’t already possess a valid passport, applying for one is the next step. There are various avenues available to apply for one – through either the State Department or a travel agent.

Application processes typically take from 6-8 weeks; however, you can always wait longer if necessary. Certain services offer faster services at the cost of additional fees.

No matter if you are a citizen or noncitizen, getting a REAL ID driver license or ID (DL/ID) to enter the United States is now available to everyone. DACA recipients and students also may qualify.

REAL ID is a federally compliant driver’s license or identification card required by law to be used for air travel, immigration and security purposes starting May 7th 2025. For more information about REAL ID please visit Transportation Security Administration website.