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What you may not realize, however, Buy a Fake ID Card is that even with your fake ID in hand and the legal age to buy alcohol legally in Florida, that may pose no issues at all, but when bouncers spot your fake ID card, they take it from you and prevent entrance before police arrive and arrest you for possession of a false identification document, which can carry up to a one-year imprisonment sentence.

As is evident by its open and widespread nature, purchasing and using fake IDs for illegal purposes has long been an open trade, with services advertised online and tips shared through chat rooms. Now the New York City Council is taking measures to hold sellers of such documents accountable and punish them similarly to bars serving minors.

The use of a fake ID is illegal because it creates a false record for someone, potentially leading to all manner of problems, from credit cards being issued in someone else’s name to identity theft and fraud. Even misdemeanor conviction can result in your real driver’s license being suspended for up to a year.

To recognize a fake ID, look for professional-grade laminate and laser-perforated images. Cheap laminate can easily be identified by bending it in half; bubbles form along its seams. Also inspect it under UV lighting: state-issued IDs typically feature clear lamination with the state outline clearly visible on their front side; any ID that looks thin or was peeled off a sheet of paper could indicate fakery.