Driving License No Test – How New Laws Help Migrant Drivers

driving license no test

Driving License No Test – How New Laws Help Migrant Drivers

Experts agree that many states’ recent laws allowing undocumented immigrants to drive are providing much more than individual benefit; rather, they’re helping these drivers find work and expanding the economy by opening new markets to them.

New laws that provide migrant drivers with privilege cards rather than full driver’s licenses can be used by law enforcement and employers for identification. But unlike full driver’s licenses, privilege cards don’t reveal people’s legal status in the country, typically being limited to driving only certain places within a given region – meaning these drivers cannot cross state lines or travel further afield with their license; but still can work and buy goods.

Migrants seeking driving privilege cards must pass three tests: written test, five-hour pre-licensing course and road test. The written test consists of a multiple-choice quiz covering state laws; this may take place either at your local DMV office or online testing centers. Many have reported passing this section with their first attempt; it’s best to prepare well beforehand! Many online have reported success passing on their first try – many people reported passing without studying in this instance!

Next is taking a road test, in which an evaluator sits as passenger seat. This assessment tests your ability to comply with state driving laws and safely operate your vehicle; for most migrant drivers this step proves the most challenging. If you fail the road test you must wait 60 days before retaking it.