Finding Drivers License Number Using SSN

finding drivers license number using ssn

Finding Drivers License Number Using SSN

Finding drivers license numbers using SSNs is often challenging for foreigners as driving licenses contain detailed information such as the driver’s name, address and other personal details compared to social security cards which contain only their number.

Are You Searching Online to Locate Your Driver’s License Number? For the easiest results, it is wise to visit the state agency responsible for issuing driving licenses online and obtain their number from there. Most sites contain lists of accepted documents which can be used as forms of identity verification; however there may be legal and ethical concerns when accessing such personal data.

Be wary of suspicious websites offering to search your driver’s license number using your Social Security Number; such sites could be scams designed to steal both your SSN and any confidential data stored therein.

If you are migrating, the DMV office of your home country is your first stop when obtaining your driver’s license number. Some will provide this information over the phone or online; others require more paperwork as they verify who the number belongs to. Or you could visit them in person to provide necessary documents – be sure to schedule an appointment ahead of time if filing under COVID-19 emergency situations to avoid having to wait hours in their office waiting for processing of documents!