Forms to Get Passport For a Foreigner

forms to get passport

Forms to Get Passport For a Foreigner

Acquiring a passport may appear complex at first, but when done correctly it should be straightforward. When filling out forms and gathering necessary documentation it can become straightforward – especially if your travel plans include entering and leaving certain countries that require passports for entry/exit. Be mindful of any upcoming travel plans when filling out these forms to make the experience less stressful.

The U.S. Government provides forms to apply for, renew, or replace lost, stolen, or damaged passports through either their website or an acceptance location, including many post offices, county courthouses and local businesses that accept passport applications for a fee.

Whoever applies from outside of the US must submit their applications at an embassy or consulate directly. Each embassy/consulate has their own processes for accepting and processing applications; check their webpage for more details in your country.

Becoming a US citizen offers many advantages, including voting and running for public office. Citizenship also helps reduce wait times in immigration lines. But this decision doesn’t come easy: five years of lawful permanent residency with continuous physical presence within the US as well as fluency in English must all be present before taking an Oath of Allegiance to America can become part of that decision process.