Free Credit Card Numbers From the Dark Web

free credit card numbers dark web

Free Credit Card Numbers From the Dark Web

Criminal carding marketplaces regularly list millions of stolen credit card numbers for sale; individual card details typically fetch less than $1 each. But it is rare for such sites to offer such numbers free, like BidenCash recently did as part of their marketing move for selling stolen financial credentials that can be used for online fraud and other forms of attack.

Security researcher Ilya Volovik reported that this criminal site advertised their free cards by posting to an underground cybercrime forum and linking to a database listing stolen card data as well as various tools for buyers, such as checkers that help threats verify whether stolen cards they’re considering buying are valid and can be used for illegal purchases.

Volovik reports that BidenCash’s listing contains full card data, expiration dates and CVV codes – everything criminals require to make fraudulent purchases from goods and services to accessing personal and work accounts for phishing and social engineering techniques.

Such threats necessitate it being essential for individuals and business travelers alike to regularly monitor their credit and identity, particularly when traveling between countries. One free service worth investigating is Chase Credit Journey which monitors for signs of identity theft while also offering protection features tailored specifically to protect credit. Chase Credit Journey is available to any Capital One credit cardholder regardless of account type.