Genuine Passport For Sale

genuine passport for sale

Genuine Passport For Sale

Criminals using counterfeit passports to commit identity fraud have the ability to gain access to banking accounts, credit cards and online gambling sites with ease using stolen identities.

Passport security has improved over the years, yet any document as tied to an individual as their passport should never be vulnerable to tampering and exploitation, according to Mr Kalin of Henley & Partners, which assists wealthy individuals acquiring residency or citizenship in countries with low crime rates and secure borders. Henley has seen an exponential surge in demand since 2015 as wealthy people seek diversification of economic and political risks.

Henley advises that purchasing a second passport may give its owners greater travel freedom without visa restrictions, or can help them escape taxes and other burdens in their home country.

St Kitts and Dominica rank 28th and 54th on Reuters’ annual Visa Restriction Index respectively; Australia and the UK boasting some of the least restrictive policies in this regard. Even passports issued in countries which are relatively stable can become worthless in case domestic instability, corruption scandals or foreign policy challenges arises within that nation’s borders.