Get Passport Book Or Card

get passport book or card

Get Passport Book Or Card

People typically think of the classic blue passport book or card when thinking about passport books or cards for international air travel. The cover displays the national seal and features “passport,” while its pages often boast stamps from countries the traveler has visited.

U.S. citizens don’t just have one type of passport available to them – the State Department also issues passport cards which resemble wallet-sized driver’s licenses and can be more economical, though these don’t work the same as passport books do.

A passport book typically consists of several pages which provide information about its owner – their name, birthdate, sex and address for example – while most pages remain blank to accommodate visas or entry/exit stamps. Most passport books contain 28 pages; those who travel frequently can request one with additional pages.

A passport book and card differ significantly in that one allows air travel while the other does not. Passport cards can be particularly beneficial to those who often cross international borders by land or sea such as frequent travellers to Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean.

Passports are essential when traveling abroad, but they can be expensive. To reduce cost-efficiency in obtaining one, Glamour and National Geographic have featured PhotoAiD as an innovative technology allowing you to take the necessary photos at home with just your smartphone and an online platform.