Get Passport Near Me

get passport near me

Get Passport Near Me

Locate Passport Processing Times

Department of State processing times are currently being affected by increased demand and mail delays. To learn how to avoid delays and find faster ways of receiving your passport, visit the Passports page on our website or call National Passport Information Center (NPIC) directly for current processing times and be connected with an NPIC representative.

Traveling on official business requires having an up-to-date passport that accurately represents your official status and travel authorizations.

Timeframe for receiving a passport depends on your needs and type of application made. Routine service typically takes 10-13 weeks excluding mailing times; expedited requests can be submitted at an extra fee of $60 for faster service.

Children under 16 must be present for their appointment and both parents or legal guardians must sign the form to authorize issuance of the passport. For emergency travel (travel planned in 14 days or requiring visa within 28 days), expedited appointments can be arranged at one of our regional offices.