Get Your TLC License NY City

Get Your TLC License NY City

How to Acquire Your Taxi and Limousine Commission License in NYC

All new drivers entering New York must apply for and obtain a Taxi and Limousine Commission driver’s license as proof of legal residency. They can present both current (not expired) For-Hire Vehicle License or Medallion For-Hire Vehicle License as proof.

TLC licenses are required of rideshare and taxi services like Uber and Lyft to assure their passengers of qualified drivers and safety checks on the vehicles they will enter. They provide peace of mind to both drivers and passengers.

As part of the process to obtain a TLC license, it’s crucial that all the requirements are fulfilled in full. These may include taking an approved driver education course and pre-licensing course as well as taking an in-car component of your licensing exam.

Step one in obtaining your TLC license is applying for a Learner’s Permit from your state DMV office, either by visiting in person or making an appointment. You can pick one up immediately or set an appointment.

For a learner’s permit to be issued in New York State, proof of legal age and attendance at a state-approved driver education course must be presented along with passing vision tests and written exams on New York driving laws.

Once you receive your permit, it takes roughly one month before taking a DMV road test as evidence of completion of a five-hour prelicensing course is required for licensure.

Once you pass your road test, once your driving privileges have been reinstated you can gain experience under supervision from drivers with both an NYS license and TLC license. Your supervised driving time could last for 50 hours total; 15 of which should occur post-sunset and 10 in heavy traffic conditions.