Getting a Drivers License Near Me For a Foreigner

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Acquiring a drivers license near me as a foreigner can be an intricate process. Drivers License Near Me Aside from meeting state driver’s license requirements, individuals must also satisfy federal immigration status-based restrictions. Undocumented individuals often find themselves trapped in an impossible cycle whereby they need to support themselves and their families but cannot access basic services like food, shelter and healthcare unless they can drive there themselves.

As national debate on immigration law reform rages on, individual states can take proactive steps that foster welcoming environments by adopting welcoming measures such as permitting people of all legal immigration statuses to obtain drivers’ licenses issued by their states. Many have done this already, while others are considering it. Our society depends heavily upon automobiles; being able to drive is essential in meeting daily needs and restricting this privilege based on one’s immigration status would deny access to vital services in communities.

In New York, the NYCLU has worked to ensure that people of any immigration status can obtain driver’s licenses through standard NYS driver’s licenses. For individuals to meet REAL IDs and enhanced licenses (which include proof of lawful presence), additional documentation such as passport, birth certificate and Social Security card is necessary—something many homeless or ex-incarcerated individuals find impractical to meet.

Depending upon the countries you plan to visit, an International Driving Permit (IDP) could be issued instead of a New York driver’s license. You should research each country’s requirements beforehand in order to ensure your IDP meets them all.