How Do I Make a Copy of My Driver’s License?

How Do I Make a Copy of My Driver’s License?

Losing your driver’s license can be stressful, but taking the necessary steps to protect against identity theft or fraud should always come first.

Make a copy of your driver’s license using CamScanner! This app is designed to quickly copy both sides of your ID card onto one page for easy sharing via WhatsApp or email.

Alternately, you can use the DMV’s free online driver’s license replacement system. This online option saves time by avoiding in-person appointments while giving you 24/7 access.

Recovering a duplicate driver’s license isn’t impossible, but you must provide sufficient documentation as proof of identification to your local DMV. Requirements vary by state so it is wise to confirm with them first before trying your luck at getting one.

If you don’t possess all of the required ID documents or are uncertain whether you qualify for a REAL ID, a duplicate license can still be ordered via mail. Although this license won’t feature the star in its upper right corner, an existing photo and your new address are required as proof.

The DMV provides three kinds of driver’s licenses, known as Standard, Enhanced and REAL ID licenses. While all look the same, REAL ID licenses require proof of “lawful presence” within the United States – these licenses may also serve as passport replacements when crossing borders.