How Hard Is It To Get A Fake Passport For A Foreigner?

how hard is it to get a fake passport

How Hard Is It To Get A Fake Passport For A Foreigner?

How Hard Is it for Foreigners to Acquire Fake Passports

Reports have surfaced of passports being used by terrorists and criminals as means of travel – this poses an immediate threat to global security.

Acquiring a fake passport for a foreigner can be both expensive and time consuming, especially if they plan on visiting Europe where visas are mandatory for travel.

There are multiple methods of obtaining a fake passport: counterfeiting, photo-subbing and using another number – each can result in up to 25 years in federal prison.

An unlawful passport can have severe legal repercussions and should always be avoided to protect one’s identity and to stay out of trouble.

How to Spot a Fake Passport

A fake or stolen passport can make it hard for you to identify genuine documents, leading to bank account closure, fraudulent activity on online payment systems or ID theft schemes that cost thousands. Luckily, there are tell-tale signs to help identify a false document.