How Long Does Schengen Visa Take in London?

How Long Does Schengen Visa Take in London?

How long is schengen visa processing in London

In order to enter Europe (the Schengen Zone), both a valid passport and visa are necessary. Non-EU and EFTA citizens must also obtain an entry visa before traveling into Britain.

For your Schengen visa application to be considered complete and approved by both you and one of your parents. An application form will need to be filled out completely and signed by all three.

In certain instances, an embassy may need additional information from you in order to process your application – this could include evidence that shows you can afford your stay or proof of employment.

The embassy will require you to present a travel itinerary, hotel booking confirmation or invitation letter prior to traveling abroad. It is wise to create your travel plan at least 15 days in advance.

When applying for a multiple-entry visa, border officers will require evidence that you haven’t spent more than 90 days within any 180 day period in the Schengen Area – this requires keeping track of when you plan to reenter and applying at the embassy of your destination country for approval of visa application.

Embassys and consulates often recommend applying six months before your visa’s expiration date for optimal results in securing a Schengen visa and avoiding complications.