How Much Does a Driving Licence Cost in Germany?

driving licence cost in germany

How Much Does a Driving Licence Cost in Germany?

Many foreigners may wonder the cost associated with getting their driving licence in Germany, which varies based on which country or US state the person resides in. Residents who reside in states that observe full reciprocity between Germany and their own state will be eligible to exchange their current license with one issued in Germany without needing to take exams or pass any practical tests.

People starting from scratch must register with a driving school (Fahrschule), take driving lessons and pass both the theory exam and practical test. Driving schools set their own fees but must abide by a code of practice setting standards for lessons. Students must also attend first aid course classes prior to being allowed to start driving.

With these costs quickly adding up, failing your theory test could prove very costly and could delay getting your license altogether. Additional classes could also be necessary. This can quickly increase costs as well as delay when it comes time for another exam attempt.

Additionally, renting a car and taking both practical and theoretical driving tests are additional expenses that must be met before driving in Germany is possible. Finally, drivers license renewal costs need to be factored into these equations as well. All these additional expenses make driving in Germany an expensive proposition.