How to Apply For a Provisional Car Licence

apply for a provisional car licence

How to Apply For a Provisional Car Licence

Applying for a provisional car license should be straightforward if you possess all of the required documents, such as proof of identity (ideally a UK biometric passport, EU ID card or UK certificate of naturalisation), valid driving licence from your country of origin and two letters of reference from parents or guardians.

Apply online or via post; the former option being faster, simpler, and cheaper than both options combined. With online applications you will also get instantaneous confirmation and can track them for future reference – thus decreasing the chance that any supporting documents might go missing in transit. When applying by mail please send pre-paid Royal Mail special delivery envelope so your supporting documents will arrive securely back at you.

Once your paperwork is in order, it’s time to book your theory and hazard perception tests through the DVLA website, here. A weekday test costs PS62 while weekend ones incur a surcharge of up to PS75.

If you plan on driving on a provisional license, car insurance is essential. Either add yourself as a named driver onto an existing policy owned by one of your parents or purchase non-owner car insurance policies to cover you.

Non-owner car insurance premiums tend to be higher for teens and drivers on provisional licences as insurers consider them riskier drivers. But by purchasing your own policy and shopping around for cheaper rates available, you could save some money!