How to Apply For an Italian Passport

How to Apply For an Italian Passport

Becoming an Italian citizen involves three avenues, which may or may not have different requirements: through ancestry, marriage or dual citizenship. Each approach comes with its own set of restrictions.

First, determine which path best fits you. One option may be through your ancestry; providing proof of their citizenship from their home country would do.

If your family tree is clear and all your ancestors meet all requirements for citizenship through ancestry, getting citizenship through this route should be relatively straightforward. Depending on its complexity, however, this could take anywhere between three months and three years for review by a government department.

Other paths to Italian citizenship require you to provide proof that you have lived in Italy for at least 5-10 years, such as providing an historical residence certificate evidencing that you have always resided here (rather than having relocated from another country).

Once you have lived for the required duration in Italy, you can submit your citizenship application at either your local police headquarters or consulate. When submitting, please bring with you birth and naturalisation certificates as well as any relevant other documentation such as marriage license.

Being Italian citizen provides visa-free travel across Europe. Furthermore, it gives access to benefits and services available in most EU member states without needing a work permit or endorsement from your employer.