How to Apply For Provisional Car Driving Licence

apply for provisional car driving licence

How to Apply For Provisional Car Driving Licence

Applying for a provisional car driving license as a foreigner may prove more complex. Though not impossible, the process can require extra patience due to language and cultural barriers; luckily there are resources and assistance available that can make the process smoother for migrants trying to legally drive in India.

Provisional licenses are issued for 18 months and allow learners to drive light motor vehicles such as passenger cars but not buses or trucks. To convert to full driving privileges, drivers must pass both theory and practical driving tests; those under 18 must always be supervised by an adult co-signer while behind the wheel; should their co-signer withdraw consent, their provisional license would be cancelled and they would need to start all over.

People who cannot speak English yet have several options for applying for a license, including bringing along a translation on their journey. This step should either take place prior to leaving home or during their initial visit to an RTO office; be sure that any translation includes its red stamp and date stamp as well as information about who translated the document.

Once all documents have been completed, an applicant should send them along with a pre-paid Royal Mail special delivery envelope to the DVLA for processing. They should receive an acknowledgment email and their new licence should arrive within one week.