How to Avoid a Credit Card Decline

How to Avoid a Credit Card Decline

As an owner of a credit card, receiving a decline can be extremely upsetting and make shopping much more challenging than expected. It could affect both your shopping experience and payment for purchases you intend on making in the future.

Some credit cards offer tools to help protect against this issue by providing customizable alerts and notifications about purchases from overseas sellers – giving you ample warning to take steps against fraud and ensure purchases don’t occur unexpectedly.

One way you can keep your account secure is to freeze your credit report with each of the major credit bureaus, thus preventing unauthorized accounts from opening under your name.

Consumer protection agencies such as the FTC may advise freezing your credit report if you suspect identity theft or notice funds disappearing from your bank account unexpectedly.

PALIDIN also offers additional security measures and document authentication services, using multiple security-feature verification tests on the ID document presented and matching it against its largest document library to verify authenticity.