How to Avoid Apple ID Fraud

How to Avoid Apple ID Fraud

Establishing an Apple ID can be straightforward, but there’s always the risk that someone could attempt to fraudulently obtain your information and steal your money through email, phone calls and social media scams.

First, a criminal will contact you with a fake support call or email purporting to be from Apple and request your credit card information in exchange for what appears to be an official receipt from them. As soon as possible it’s important to dispute any suspicious transactions to avoid potential financial loss.

Scammers might attempt to get you to sign up for free Apple gift cards with thousands of dollars loaded onto them, then use those cards to pay for services. They might then ask for you to share a six-digit verification code.

Apple ID scammers use similar techniques as those seen with phishing emails; scammers will send an email that appears to come from Apple and will contain links that lead to applications; upon clicking these links, the criminal attempts to reset your password using codes sent via email.

According to Barratt, biometric authentication methods like Face ID and Touch ID provide the safest means of creating an Apple ID. They’re much harder for thieves to hack into and can’t easily be compromised by them.

Apple Cards provide another layer of protection with two account numbers – one on the magnetic strip and another stored securely within your iPhone’s secure element – giving you peace of mind if they become lost or stolen and allowing you to quickly switch over and make online purchases using either card.