How to Book an Appointment For Schengen Visa

How to Book an Appointment For Schengen Visa

People across the world often flee their homes for various reasons ranging from violence and war, extreme poverty, gender discrimination or climate change. Sometimes the movement only involves moving a few kilometers; but for others they must leave their entire country temporarily or even for an extended period.

EU visa applications are handled at the Consulate of the Member State where one intends to travel, meaning an applicant must demonstrate their main destination lies within Schengen (European Union).

Appointment Booking Online:

Before scheduling an appointment online, check to see whether the Embassy/Consulate where you want to apply for your Visa offers an appointment booking tool which allows for online scheduling of meetings. Typically this system works effectively.

At your appointment, you will be required to answer a series of questions, present documents and pay a fee before having your fingerprints taken and biometric information registered into the Vis database.

A Visitor Identification System (VIS) card is an invaluable tool that enables border control staff and police officers to easily recognize you while you travel, and must also be presented upon entry and exit of the Schengen Area.

For optimal results, it’s advisable to book your Schengen visa appointment as early as possible in order to avoid delays and ensure sufficient preparation time prior to the appointment date. Doing this will allow plenty of time for gathering all the required documents as well as attend.