How to Buy a Car With Provisional Driving License

buy car with provisional driving license

How to Buy a Car With Provisional Driving License

Over 250 million people live outside their native country today – each one with their own individual story, motivations for migrating and challenges they must face to reach safety and a better life. Violence, conflict, human rights abuses persecution natural disasters climate change impact push many to move abroad in search of safety and hope for the future.

Migrants living in the UK are legally permitted to drive cars with provisional licences provided they are accompanied by a fully licensed driver and display ‘L’ plates, or have completed compulsory basic training (CBT). Some insurers, however, will not cover persons holding provisional driving licenses in this regard.

Therefore, it is vital that migrants shop around and locate the best car financing deal they can. Migrants should choose a vehicle which can easily be driven with a provisional license, smaller and more fuel-efficient models with lower insurance premiums versus bigger, faster or more costly cars.

Migrants must always be honest with potential lenders about the fact that they possess a provisional driving license; otherwise, the lender could consider this form of fraud known as fronting, which could lead to their policy being cancelled and even their license being taken away.

Migrants need cars in their new homeland in order to navigate around their environment efficiently, particularly as public transport can often be inconvenient or unavailable. Finding an affordable, dependable car may prove challenging at first; however, proper research and planning will make this process simpler and faster.