How to Buy a Driving License of Norway For a Foreigner

Buy real driving license of Norway

How to Buy a Driving License of Norway For a Foreigner

How difficult is it for foreigners to obtain a driver’s license of Norway?

First of all, you should understand that driving licenses differ greatly between Norway and your home country due to Norway’s human-oriented traffic culture which prioritizes pedestrians and cyclists over cars (zebra crossings may not always be used).

As part of the prerequisite to obtain your Norwegian driver’s license, all individuals under 25 must first attend an elementary traffic course at a traffic school. This course must be passed with at least an 80 percent grade average grade score or pass mark to qualify.

You will gain knowledge about risk and how to avoid accidents. Furthermore, first aid will also be discussed and how best to handle traffic situations.

Once completed, both a theory exam and practical test must be passed successfully in order to become licensed drivers. When taking your practical driving test you will drive for 25 minutes under normal traffic conditions.

Process takes three years and five attempts are available to you to pass the driving test. If unsuccessful, a temporary license will expire after four months and you will be issued another temporary one as needed.

Depending on which country issued your licence and their policies for migrating drivers, rules relating to using your licence vary when entering Norway from another nation. Driving licences from EU/EEA countries generally can be used in Norway for up to three months at a time.

However, if you are driving from outside the EU/EEA countries you will require an international driving permit and comply with all Norwegian road rules and age limitations.