How to Buy a Fake Passport in Spain

How to Buy a Fake Passport in Spain

Why is obtaining a fake passport so difficult in Spain?

Any foreigner wishing to live or work here requires a valid visa from either their respective Embassy abroad, or one of the consulates located throughout their home countries.

Visas will allow them to enter without issue; once in country they must register themselves with the government and acquire a residency permit.

This process can be both complex and time consuming; an individual must prove they have lived in the country for at least one year, take and pass a language exam and integrate themselves into society before being eligible to receive citizenship status.

Are You Wondering the Best Way to Purchase a Fake Passport in Spain? A group of 15 individuals were recently arrested for selling fake passports to migrants across Europe. These criminals specialized in producing documents needed for residency permits, Schengen visas, travel permits in Spain, France, Italy, Belgium Germany Hungary Netherlands Bulgaria Morocco

Forgers were arrested in Barcelona and Madrid. According to reports, this organization sold thousands of forged certificates issued by the Cervantes Institute (which administers tests designed for foreign residents looking to become citizens), in order to sell counterfeit documents as official certification from them.

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