How to Buy a Real Driving License of Bulgaria

How to Buy a Real Driving License of Bulgaria

How to Buy a Real Driving License of Bulgaria.

When traveling abroad and wanting to acquire a valid driving license of Bulgaria, many steps will need to be followed in order to accomplish your task. Step one will involve getting either a visa or residency permit before moving forward with any purchase decisions.

After this step has been completed, you must present proof of your identity by either taking a medical exam or providing your ID document and photo to verify it.

After that, you must complete a driver training course which typically entails 40 hours of theoretical knowledge and 31 sessions of 50 minute practical training.

Your driving test must also pass. These exams can be found in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

After that, you can apply for a Bulgarian driving license. If you live in Bulgaria, your driver’s license will remain valid for one year from its issuance.

If you are not a resident of Bulgaria, in order to drive legally you will require an international driving permit from another European Economic Area nation and bring it with you when entering. This can be accomplished at Traffic Police offices located throughout your city or town.

How to Exchange a Foreign Driving License in Bulgaria If your driving license originates from another EU nation, exchanging it for one in Bulgaria should not present any issues – this practice is widely followed across Europe.

Your foreign driver’s license should be accompanied by an International Driver’s Permit (IDP), which serves as an international translation of your national driving license and allows you to drive in over 150 countries legally. It’s an essential legal document.