How to Buy a Real Driving License of Sweden

Buy real driving license of Sweden

How to Buy a Real Driving License of Sweden

How difficult is it for foreigners to obtain driving licenses in Sweden? To purchase an official driving license of Sweden requires going through many hoops; you need many documents as well as passing several tests.

Register at the Swedish Tax Authorities (Skatteverket). This will give you access to both a Personnummer and Identity Card that will serve as your primary form of identification in Sweden.

Your personnummer will enable you to obtain healthcare services, open bank accounts, collect packages and pay online. After receiving this number from Sweden Transport Agency you can apply for driver’s licenses.

Sweden offers three types of driver’s licenses, the standard, vocational and e-driving. To acquire one of these licenses you must successfully complete a training course followed by both theory and practical examinations.

The theoretical test involves questions related to traffic laws and road rules, while the practical test entails maneuvering a car away from obstacles at low speeds before braking, typically at a driving school but also available independently or with friends. Each practical test costs around 80 Kronor. To book one quickly it’s advisable that tests are booked ASAP!