How to Buy a Real Driving License of Turkey

Buy real driving license of Turkey

How to Buy a Real Driving License of Turkey

Are You an Overseas Person Needing a Driving License in Turkey?

Although obtaining a valid Turkish driving license may appear complicated, acquiring one doesn’t have to be so complex if planned properly and studied regularly with regular practice sessions.

First and foremost, make sure that your license from home country is valid in Turkey. If in doubt, contact the appropriate embassy or consulate.

Next, enroll in a Turkish driving school and enroll for lessons with an instructor for several weeks – these lessons will teach you to parallel park, start up on slopes and emergency brake, among other skills.

As soon as your course has concluded, you will be prepared to sit a theory exam and your practical test. These exams must be taken at a driving center approved by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

After passing these exams, you will earn your Turkish driver’s license! Please keep in mind that its renewal must occur every year.