How to Buy Driving Licence Online

How to Buy Driving Licence Online

Driver’s licenses provide authorization to operate motor vehicles on public roads, containing information on its holder such as photo, name, date of birth, gender and physical description. A driver’s license must always remain in their possession while driving or else it cannot be used.

Get Your New York State Driver’s License

In New York State, every motorist is required to apply for and obtain a driver’s license prior to driving on its roads. This can be done either in-person at any Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) office, by mail, or with an out-of-state or Canadian driving permit as a valid form of ID – any valid ID may also be accepted when applying for New York licenses.

Renew Online (Kentucky)

Kentucky residents can renew their driver’s licenses, motorcycle licenses, combination driver/motorcycle licenses or ID cards online up to six months prior to the expiration of their current card’s validity date online using an electronic renewal service such as this. Your personal information must remain unchanged while a small processing fee will apply.


A REAL ID is a driver’s license approved by the federal government that meets their stringent security and identification standards, required for travel with commercial airlines, accessing certain federal buildings and entering military bases.

Colorado Has Launched Mobile Driver’s License Pilot

On July 27, Colorado unveiled a pilot project for mobile drivers’ licenses which can be instantly updatable from mobile phones – making life simpler for law enforcement to verify identity and driving privileges.