How to Buy Fake Drivers License in Belgium

Buy Fake Drivers License in Belgium

If you are an expat living in Belgium who would like to obtain fake drivers licenses for themselves or someone else, this article will assist in understanding the process. Obtaining fake licenses can protect both yourself and your family against identity theft or other risks related to driving privileges.

Step 1 – Acquire Your Belgian Driving License If you already hold a driver’s license from another EU country, applying for one in Belgium is just as straightforward. All that is necessary is two passport photos measuring 3.5 centimeters by 4.5 centimeters each along with ID documents and payment of any applicable fees.

Step 2 – Acquire a Belgian Passport Non-EU residents visiting Belgium for either short or extended stays must obtain both a Belgian passport and valid European driver’s license in addition to having their travel documents validated by local embassy/consulate offices in their home countries. It is possible to secure such documentation at your nearest embassy/consulate office.

Step 3 – Get Your Fake Belgian Driver’s License

To obtain a Belgian drivers license is relatively straightforward. First visit SHAPE Driver’s Testing Station where staff can assist in filling out your application form and processing it.

Once you provide all the required documents and pass the test, your card will be sent directly to the town hall where you will receive notification of when to come back in to collect it.