How to Buy Passport Online in USA

How to Buy Passport Online in USA

Recent years have witnessed an explosion in online passport purchases from individuals seeking additional opportunities or peace of mind. Owning multiple passports offers many advantages – tax breaks, visa-free travel and the freedom to live anywhere you please are just some of their many benefits; having one in your possession is a powerful weapon!

Holding a passport is necessary when travelling internationally and required by law; however, the process can be expensive and time consuming.

Citizenship by Investment Programs

There are a number of countries that offer citizenship-by-investment programs, allowing people to invest in exchange for citizenship. Each program may vary slightly but usually include either making donations to charitable funds or purchasing pre-approved real estate properties.

Applying for Passports

The first step in applying for a passport is identifying an accepted facility near you through the U.S. Department of State’s Passport Acceptance Facility Search page.


To apply for a passport, you must present valid government issued photo identification such as a driver’s license or military ID. Documents like bank cards, school identification or temporary or expired government issued documents cannot be accepted as valid forms of ID.

Photos WHEN applying for or renewing a passport, two photographs must be submitted with your application. Each must be taken specifically for this application on plain white 8 1/2×11 paper stock with both sides showing your face clearly visible.

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