How to Buy Real Driving License of Italy

How to Buy Real Driving License of Italy

If you plan to stay in Italy for an extended period, purchasing an authentic driving license may be essential to driving on its streets safely. But how should this process unfold?

Foreigners finding it hard to acquire a driver’s license in Italy can find it challenging, requiring multiple steps including attending driving school, attending theory classes, getting stamps and passing an exam and medical check-up.

First step to becoming a driver in Italy is finding an autoscuola guida (automobile driving schools). They will handle all paperwork for you while also teaching all about different driving laws. They also provide all documents necessary for taking exams successfully.

Second, you must obtain a patente B, which is an Italian driving license for cars (and motorcycles up to 125cc) obtained at one of Italy’s civil motorization offices (officine della motorizzazione civile).

Fourthly, you must establish your identity by providing a photocopy of your passport or another legal document proving citizenship. Finally, there will be some taxes and fees payable.

Note that if you possess an American or Canadian driver’s license, after becoming resident in Italy you are only entitled to use it for up to one year after applying for residency and then must apply for an Italian driving license and complete the process once more.