How to Buy Real Driving License of Romania

Buy real driving license of Romania

How to Buy Real Driving License of Romania

How to Buy Real Driving License of Romania

In most countries, obtaining a driver’s license is quick and simple – simply visit your local traffic police office, fill out some papers, and wait a few days until your new permit arrives in the mail.

Romania makes this process more complex: to obtain your driver’s license you must be an eligible resident and present authentic documents.

Documents you will require include your foreign driver’s license, an official certificate demonstrating your residency, your resident card and an authorized translation of your national driver’s license from home country as well as two passport-size identity photos.

If you are non-EU resident, the first step towards getting a driving license in Romania is converting your foreign license into one from Romanian authorities. This can be done by taking both licenses into the authorities, who will issue them as new Romanian driving licenses.

Accessing Driving Licenses in Romania Can Be Difficult mes One reason it can be challenging for migrants to secure driving licenses in Romania is that their government aims to clamp down on illicit use of licenses; as a result, the processes to get one must be rigorous and laborious limiting how many can legally hold such licenses in Romania.

Road Conditions and Safety

Romania ranks first among European nations for per-vehicle road fatalities, and roads generally in poor condition; many remain unpaved, narrow or poorly lit.