How to Buy Real Passport of Poland

Buy real passport of Poland

How to Buy Real Passport of Poland

Are You Wondering How to Obtain a Real Passport of Poland? Thousands of people purchase one daily to travel between all 28 EU Countries.

But getting a passport in Poland may not be so straightforward, due to shifting borders in recent decades making it harder for some ethnic Poles to claim citizenship of Poland through their family heritage.

To obtain a Polish passport, it’s essential that your parents or grandparents were born within Poland’s borders. If either left prior to 1951, neither can claim citizenship today – thus rendering any claim irrelevant for today.

There are ways you can claim citizenship based on your family’s roots; typically this process is fairly simple but will depend on any documents available to you.

An easy way to prove your Polish descent is with an ancestor’s birth certificate, which you can obtain either directly in your country of residence or through services like Polaron that specialise in helping foreigners buy real passports.

Apply for your passport at your nearest consulate or embassy; be sure to bring along photo, fingerprints and signature documentation, along with any additional necessary paperwork.

Once approved for a passport, it will typically take about two months for it to arrive in person at your local consulate. Alternatively, temporary passports valid for one year produced locally can often help save both time and money, as they allow access to EU airports quickly for entry or exit permits.