How to Choose the Best Schengen Visa Insurance Companies For a Foreigner

Schengen Visa Insurance Companies

When planning a trip to Europe, Schengen Visa Insurance Companies, especially within the Schengen Area, consider obtaining a Schengen visa. Among the various prerequisites for obtaining this visa, having adequate travel insurance is paramount.

Importance of Schengen Visa Insurance

Schengen Visa Insurance is not just a requirement; it’s a safety net for travelers.  Without adequate insurance, travelers could find themselves in difficult situations, facing hefty medical bills or other unforeseen expenses.

Criteria for Schengen Visa Insurance Companies

Coverage Requirements

It should be valid for the entire duration of the stay in the Schengen Area.

Approved Insurance Providers

Embassies and consulates typically maintain a list of approved insurance providers. Travelers must ensure they purchase insurance from one of these approved companies to avoid any issues with their visa application.

Top Schengen Visa Insurance Companies

Several insurance companies offer Schengen Visa Insurance tailored to the specific requirements of travelers. Here are some of the top providers:

Company A

They offer 24/7 customer support and a hassle-free claims process, making them a popular choice among travelers.

Company C

Company C stands out for its flexible policy options, allowing travelers to customize their coverage based on their specific needs. Their user-friendly online platform makes it easy to purchase and manage insurance policies.

Additional Benefits

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Websites and forums dedicated to travel often feature firsthand experiences and recommendations from fellow travelers.

Claims Process and Customer Support

In the unfortunate event of a medical emergency or other covered incident, a smooth and efficient claims process is crucial. Travelers should choose insurance providers known for their responsive customer support and straightforward claims procedures.

Tips for Choosing the Right Insurance Provider

  • Research multiple insurance companies and compare their policies and premiums.
  • Read the policy documents carefully to understand the coverage, exclusions, and claims process.


Schengen Visa Insurance is a vital aspect of travel planning for anyone visiting the Schengen Area.


  1. Is Schengen Visa Insurance mandatory for all travelers?
    • Yes, Schengen Visa Insurance is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a Schengen visa.
  2. Can I purchase Schengen Visa Insurance after arriving in Europe?
  3. What happens if I don’t have Schengen Visa insurance?
    • Travelers without Schengen Visa Insurance may face difficulties obtaining a visa or could be denied entry into Schengen countries.
  4. Are pre-existing medical conditions covered by Schengen Visa insurance?