How to Get a Driver’s License in Belgium

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How to Get a Driver’s License in Belgium

There is no doubt that getting a driver’s license in Belgium is a lot more difficult than in other countries. This is because of the difficulty in passing the tests at the testing centers, and because of the high number of behind-the-wheel hours you must have completed before you can take the practical driving test.

Steps to get a Driver’s License in Belgium

The first thing you should do is register on the Aliens Register (Alienskademin) of your local city or town. This is important for expats who want to exchange their European driving licence for a Belgian one.

After that, you can apply for a Belgian driving licence at the services for driving licences in your city of residence. You will need to show your home country’s driving licence as well as a passport with a visa.

Obtaining a Driver’s License in Belgium

You need to be 18 years old in order to obtain a Category B driving licence. You will need to pass a theoretical exam on traffic regulations, be familiar with road safety issues and the law related to police and road circulation, and to have practiced driving for at least 20 hours.

A valid driving licence is also necessary for drivers of speed pedelecs and light four-wheelers. To drive a speed pedelec, you must have a Category A licence; to drive a moped, you need a Category B licence.

Alternatively, you can get a temporary driving license which is valid for 36 months. This is obtained by passing a theoretical exam and a practical exam, and by undertaking a minimum of three months of practice with a private instructor.