How to Get a Driving Licence Without Test in India

driving licence without test

How to Get a Driving Licence Without Test in India

Long ago, getting a driving licence in India was one of the hardest tasks, as you needed to visit multiple RTO offices and endure long queues. Now however, thanks to government initiatives, getting one without giving the test has become much simpler: just enroll in an approved driving school affiliated with your RTO and take part in their training course; once completed successfully at this center they will issue you with a certificate which can then be presented at RTO and applied for.

This law was put in place to make roads safer for everyone, by ensuring drivers receive proper training, are properly background-checked, are familiar with our state’s laws, and insured. According to an analysis by California Senate Transportation and Housing subcommittee on Transportation and Housing subcommittee analysis unlicensed drivers are three times more likely than licensed ones to cause fatal crashes.

As many immigrants who are illegally in the country can exchange their home-country driver’s license for a permit that allows them to drive legally in America, many immigrants who arrive without legal status can exchange it for a driving permit and drive legally; however, obtaining full driver’s licenses requires passing both written exam (known as knowledge test) and road skills test (road skills exam).

Many individuals fail these tests due to them only being offered in English and examiners not speaking any other languages, making the tests especially difficult for immigrants who may not understand what the examiner is asking of them or saying to do.