How to Get a Driving License For a Foreigner in Greece

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How to Get a Driving License For a Foreigner in Greece

How difficult is it for foreigners to obtain driving licenses in Greece? If you’re planning to visit Greece as a visitor, you may have heard stories of difficulties people experience obtaining driving licenses; these issues include having to pay high fees, not being allowed to drive cars legally and even receiving non-valid licenses that don’t apply in Greece.

Driving licenses are essential pieces of identification when traveling abroad, both as proof of your identity and to ensure safe driving practices.

There are various countries around the world with different driving regulations and laws; each may vary based on where it’s taken place. Greece drivers should expect certain minimum standards:

Athens and Thessaloniki have strict parking regulations which forbid parking your car anywhere within their cities limits, except with special permission. Furthermore, parking in front of fire hydrants, bus stops or parking spots is illegal.

Finding parking spaces in many large cities like Athens can be very difficult due to chaotic Greek traffic patterns.

Owning your own car allows you to experience much more of Greece than public transportation alone can. From mountains and beaches to gorges, medieval castles, and monasteries – Greece has plenty to offer visitors!

Avis or Sixt are among the leading international rental car agencies; however, smaller local providers often provide cheaper rentals. There are also plenty of comparison websites online to help find you the best prices.