How to Get a Driving License For a Foreigner in Portugal

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How to Get a Driving License For a Foreigner in Portugal

How challenging is it for foreigners to obtain a driver’s license in Portugal?

Unfortunately, due to Portuguese government regulation it can be challenging for non-residents to secure an official Portuguese driving license. A large bureaucratic process must be followed including gathering various documents that must be translated and certified with an apostille from an apostille office before applying.

How to Acquire a Driving License in Portugal

The first step toward earning your Portuguese driving license is enrolling in preparation classes and exams offered by private driver’s schools, who can assist in teaching you all necessary information and teaching you safe driving practices.

Portuguese driving licenses are valid for 15 years until you turn 50, or until they expire. Light-duty vehicles such as vans and trucks, as well as mopeds up to 125 cm3 with an 11kw power rating can obtain driving permits in Portugal.

How to Exchange a Foreign Driver’s License for a Portuguese One

There are certain circumstances under which it is possible to request the exchange of your foreign driver’s license for one in Portugal without passing any tests; these include when your country of origin is part of either the CPLP or OECD and has signed a reciprocity agreement.

No matter when or where you enter a country, applying for this procedure must occur 185 days post-arrival. Don’t put off applying! Submit it immediately so as to avoid delays!