How to Get a Driving License in Bangladesh

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How to Get a Driving License in Bangladesh

As a foreigner in Bangladesh, obtaining your own driving license can be extremely difficult and time consuming – in fact it could take an entire year or longer before you obtain one!

1. First, obtain an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). It’s a legal document that allows you to drive for up to 12 months post-arrival.

2. Next, apply for your Bangladeshi driving licence by submitting your IDP, UK driving licence and any relevant documents to the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority – one BRTA office should be within your circle.

3. Finally, you can begin practicing your driving skills at a driving school.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to driving in Bangladesh. Doing so will allow you to avoid accidents and other issues on the road.

4. On your driving journey, always observe speed limits on each road.

5. Don’t hesitate to ask the locals for guidance when you need assistance. They may have more insight than you think!

Bangladeshis are generally friendly and welcoming; they enjoy meeting visitors to their country and respect tourists immensely, which makes them a valuable source of information about its tourist spots and local culture. You should treat locals well so you can communicate easily.