How to Get a Driving License in Finland

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How to Get a Driving License in Finland

If you are coming to Finland and require a car for travel purposes, we are here to help.

As part of your application for a driving license in Finland, you must pass both theory and practical tests in order to be awarded an IDP permit. Requirements include being over 18 years of age with specific age/health criteria in your category as well as possessing either a Finnish residence permit or being a student with at least six months residency history from your home country and possessing an immaculate driving record from that country.

If you hold a foreign driving licence, it can be exchanged for at least two years from when you take up permanent residency in Finland, provided it does not have a suspension on it. This applies for both national and international licenses.

Taxi Drivers:

In order to obtain a driver’s license as a taxi driver, an application form and health check for group 2 driving must be delivered directly to Ajovarma’s branch office and then sent out for processing in the mail.

Driving Rules in Finland:

Roads in Finland are well-maintained and organized. Always abide by traffic rules; in cities the speed limit is 50 km/h while buses have priority over cars as they have the right of way in areas with no traffic lights.

As soon as you arrive in Finland, it is advisable to purchase an insurance policy (kotivakuutus) to cover potential damage to your belongings and living costs related to life here. As there are various insurance providers to choose from and their respective services and prices before selecting the ideal insurer for you, compare and contrast their offers before making your choice.