How to Get a Driving License in Ireland

How to Get a Driving License in Ireland

Are You Wondering the Difficulty of Acquiring a Driver’s License in Ireland Driving can be daunting in Ireland for first-time drivers.

Step 1: EDT

To acquire your driving licence, the first step should be completing Essential Driving Training (EDT), consisting of 12 one-hour lessons designed to teach basic driving techniques and road rules. After finishing EDT lessons, it’s time for you to take your driver theory test.

Step Two: Learner Permit (LP)

The second step toward earning your driver license is applying for and receiving a learner permit. After doing this, you can begin practicing driving under supervision from an instructor.

Step 3: Theory Test

Category B car theory exams consist of 40 questions with 35 needing to be answered correctly within 45 minutes if passing is expected.

Step 4: Practical Test

To complete your journey to getting a driving license, the final step should be taking your practical test at one of many test centers across the country. Choose one near to where you reside for optimal results.

Visit the National Driver Licensing Service’s (NDLS) website for more details on each.