How to Get a Driving License in Malta

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How to Get a Driving License in Malta

Foreigners can find the process of acquiring a driving license in Malta challenging. There are multiple steps and processes involved that may prove daunting and time-consuming.

Before applying for a driving license in Malta, it is necessary to determine your eligibility. This depends on whether or not you are an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen as well as Australian or United Kingdom national.

Once in Spain, you must apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP). An IDP allows drivers from countries not part of the European Union to drive in European Union member countries.

Keep in mind when driving that you will need both your IDP and native license on you at all times, though if you are visiting Maltese as a tourist your IDP may last up to 12 months and allow you to drive without needing Maltese permission for this timeframe.

As part of your driving education, it is also essential that you are familiar with the various speed limits and regulations in effect when traveling on roads. In built-up areas, the maximum speed limit is 50 kilometers per hour while other speeds may differ depending on which road you travel on.

There are various fixed and mobile speed cameras throughout the island to monitor traffic. It is wise to abide by traffic signs to avoid accidents; additionally, be wary of other drivers who might be breaking rules as you never know when one might hit you!