How to Get a Fake Passport

how to get fake passport

How to Get a Fake Passport

Fake passports can be invaluable in times of loss or theft of one’s actual one, or for foreigners seeking entry illegally into another country. But if caught, such documents could carry serious penalties including fines, being banned from entering and even jail time – in such an instance it would be wise to contact an experienced Federal criminal lawyer with expertise in Passport fraud and Visa fraud immediately.

Are You Seeking a Fake Passport to Make a Statement, Sell ID Documents or To Avoid Long Lines at Clubs and Bars? For some individuals, obtaining a fake passport may seem like a straightforward decision – yet it should not be undertaken lightly as these imitation documents come equipped with none of the security features found on authentic ones, including UV-sensitive materials and Holograms that could lead to trouble later.

Passport fraud is an expensive and risky crime. Under Title 18 United States Code Section 1543, purchasing or using counterfeit or false passports is illegal and you could face severe fines as well as being deported or banned from entering the country permanently if found guilty.

Scammers promise to assist foreigners in various ways to gain citizenship of target nations by forging documents to prove fictitious familial connections – one such practice being forging birth certificates to confirm family ties that do not exist between fictitious citizens and real residents in target nations. Unfortunately, this method can often backfire as most nations carefully scrutinize citizenship applications and can easily detect fraudulent documents as proof.