How to Get a Passport From Italy

how to get a passport from italy

How to Get a Passport From Italy

How can I obtain a passport from Italy is one of the most frequently asked immigration firm questions. For anyone who has lived here or wishes to do so in the future, having one may bring with it many advantages that come from living here.

To obtain an Italian passport, one must meet certain requirements set out by the Ministry of the Interior. Typically, residents have 10 years to reside within Italy before applying; EU citizens have shorter residency requirements.

Furthermore, you must provide evidence of your Italian roots (certified copies of documents from either your paternal or maternal grandfather’s town are the best way to do this). Furthermore, all family members must renounce their citizenship.

If you visit or live permanently in Italy, or plan to do so soon, obtaining Italian citizenship through descent or marriage could speed up the process of applying for an Italian passport from local “Questuras.”

However, it is important to remember that an Italian passport does not guarantee visa-free entry into every country; you should carefully research each country’s entry requirements before traveling there. Dual citizenship may help in such instances since having both can enable you to show them both passports if needed.