How to Get a Real ID in California

How to Get a Real ID in California

An authentic identity document (REAL ID) is necessary in order to board an airplane or gain entry to certain federal buildings, yet obtaining one is no simple matter of going down to the DMV.

A REAL ID application requires having an active social security number and that the name on it matches up with that of your Social Security number.

California was the first state to enact legislation, now known as California ID for All, which allowed undocumented immigrants who resided within its borders to obtain limited driver’s licenses in 2013. Under AB 1766: CA ID for All, this allows individuals who were not eligible for federal driver’s licenses but met other criteria to get a California driver’s license and ID card instead.

This bill would be an extraordinary help to undocumented immigrants waiting years or being denied due to immigration status; and those with disabilities such as epilepsy or degenerative eye conditions that prevent them from attaining regular driver licenses.

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