How To Get A Real ID In Nj For A Foreigner

how to get a real id in nj

How To Get A Real ID In Nj For A Foreigner

Are You Waiting To Upgrade To A Real Id In New Jersey For Foreigners Time may be running out for those waiting to upgrade their driver’s license or ID in New Jersey, with Real ID cards set to become fully effective come October 2020 when standard licenses will no longer work at airport security or federal buildings. But only citizens and those with legal residency status in the U.S. are eligible to get Real IDs.

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission doesn’t accept walk-in appointments for Real ID applications and requires certain forms of documentation – including one proof of identity, two residency proof documents, two documents that verify legal presence in the US, as well as an affidavit from either your attorney or case worker – before an appointment can take place.

Whoever doesn’t qualify for a Real ID can still upgrade to an enhanced ID that will allow them to travel by air within the United States and in certain other countries such as Canada, Mexico and parts of the Caribbean. An enhanced ID costs $18 while standard basic driver’s licenses cost $24.

At present, the MVC only offers Real ID appointments at license/ID renewal appointments for customers whose existing documents expire within three months from today’s date. They state they are working to expand this availability across facilities across the state.