How to Get Drivers License As a Migrant in California

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How to Get Drivers License As a Migrant in California

With some of the worst traffic congestion in America, having a valid driver’s license is absolutely vital to staying safe on the roads. While this may seem like an intimidating task for new drivers, there are various channels you can follow to save both time and ensure safety for you and others on the road.

To obtain a California license, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires proof of your identity, legal presence and residency – such as your US passport, mortgage/rental agreements, utility bills or any other forms proving your address.

Once completed, both a written test and behind-the-wheel training must be passed successfully. You can take your written exam either directly with the DMV or through an approved driver education program; 50 hours of in-car lessons (including 10 hours of night driving ) will also need to be completed successfully.

If you pass both written and behind-the-wheel exams, then a drive test can be scheduled. When scheduling this appointment, make sure your proof of insurance is in the vehicle being tested; additionally, provide evidence of both your date of birth and legal residency with the DMV.

Acquiring a license as a migrant may seem daunting at first, but by following these steps and collecting all necessary documents you can expedite the process and secure your California driver’s license faster.