How to Get Drivers License Online Illinois

get drivers license online illinois

How to Get Drivers License Online Illinois

Foreigners attempting to secure an Illinois drivers license online may find the process complicated. You will need all necessary documentation, pass a vision screening, written and driving test before providing proof of insurance – the exact process depends on your age.

To apply for an Illinois driver’s license or state ID card, applicants must present at least two proofs of identity, proof of address and signature verification documents. Proof of identification could include documents like your passport, U.S. military identification card, Social Security award letter or Illinois license or ID card while proof of address could include bank statements, utility bills, rent/mortgage agreements, voter registration cards or insurance policies containing proofs that your address exists as well as pay stubs as forms of proof.

If you are under 21, a 50-hour certificate and written parental consent are both necessary for registration at Aceable Driver Education Course and taking an online driver education course. When completed successfully, once your certificate from this course has been presented at the Secretary of State facility.

Once all steps have been completed, a written and driving exam must be passed in order to get your license. A temporary paper license will be issued until your permanent one arrives by mail within 15 days; finally, have your picture taken and complete your license application process.