How to Get Driving Licence in USA

how to get driving licence in usa

How to Get Driving Licence in USA

Navigating the United States without a valid state driver’s license can be challenging. While procedures differ by state, typically you will need to complete an application, take both theoretical written test and practical driving test, pay all associated fees and provide your Social Security number, passport copy and proof of residency (utility bill or mail addressed directly to you) along with legal proof such as your visa or Green Card to prove legal presence in the country.

Acquiring a license may take months or years, with language and cultural barriers compounding its difficulty for immigrant communities. Furthermore, many newcomers work at warehouse jobs that are far away from public transportation or have shifts that begin before or after bus services have stopped running.

At first, the applicant will need to visit their local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office and submit an application with all fees paid. They then must take a theory test at their computer center consisting of 15-40 questions that must be answered correctly in order to pass.

After successfully passing their theory test, an applicant will be required to undergo a driving skills examination with an inspector. They will test your ability to operate the car as well as your reaction to various situations and traffic laws. Depending on your state’s laws, either an immediate license may be available or it will arrive by mail later on.