How to Get Driving License in Germany

how to get driving license in germany

How to Get Driving License in Germany

An essential step to getting driving license in Germany for migrants (or native Germans alike) is finding an experienced Fahrschule who are familiar with working with foreigners; they will guide you through the bureaucracy as well as arrange first aid training or eye exams (if needed).

Your first step should be passing your theory exam, then starting your practical driving test. A driving examiner will evaluate your driving skills in a car; therefore, extensive practice before the exam should help your performance as Germany has an extremely small margin for error. You can retake up to two more times before waiting at least two weeks between attempts.

Once you pass your practical driving test, you will receive your license. As your probationary period will span two years, it is crucial that you adhere to all traffic laws and drive safely.

If you are a citizen of a non-EU country, in addition to exchanging your license for one from Germany, unless it comes from one of the states with which Germany has reciprocity agreements. This process usually takes four to six weeks but if needed you can pay extra to expedite processing time. In order to be covered while driving Allianz Direct provides great coverage at an economical price point.